»The movement refuses to die out«

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Rastafarian Brethren – Black Power in Jamaica
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November 2nd was the 80th anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I.

His Majesty (Or Haile Selasse I, R.R. as he wrote it himself), has cut an impressive, if controversial, figure and continues to mean a lot of different things to different people. (via Large Up)


Even Rastas vary greatly in their perceptions of Haile Selasse’s divinity. Some see him as God incarnate while eschewing the European ideal of Jesus Christ, others as the greatest teacher and reformer with the oldest of bloodlines, Christ in his second coming.  All, however, study the political history of Selassie and celebrate his works and writings. (via Large Up)

Babylon Falling dug out an interesting article on »Rastafarian Brethren – Black Power in Jamaica« written by Douglas Hutchings for The East Village Other on January 10, 1969 which I’d like to share in this context.

…they are hip to class warfare. This makes them the enemy of the jive-ass toms that rule the island while selling out the people to American capitalism.

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