Radio Favela interviews Terry Lynn

posted on May 25th, 2009 by in Article, Audio

© Peter Dean Rickards

Terry Lynn recently toured some European clubs to warm up for the festival season in summer. During her visit to Germany, she was interviewed by the blogger behind “ar2com/Radio Favela” amongst others. Listen to the full interview below:

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  • PDR

    she kill it man…

  • thanks for the post!
    (((even though I was a bit shocked to hear here my own post … but I have seen that it links to my site . so okay.)))

    actually RadioFavela is just a chapter — the whole is called ar2com and you can join me on facebook at

    don t space your moves
    but move in space

  • you can kill that message after reading it:
    I just wanted to add that for me it s important to have “ar2com” as reference coz there is just one ar2com and it s easy to find . . . RadioFavela is just too vague.

    thanks and beat the bits for better beats.

  • hey julaki. i added ar2com as reference. sorry for not putting it up at first but i wasn´t sure if that was actually your blog´s title.

  • it s alright.

    ar2com stands for ar chitecture to com munications
    architecture + urbanism
    communications = dance, music, film, art, …

    RadioFavela is the chapter subtitled ‘the sound of rio’ which was the theoretical basis for my radio production centre in downtown rio to promote the music of the favelas and their pirate radios.

    no, we have to connect!

    stay tuned

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