Pitchfork Media´s Reggae/Dancehall Rundown of 2007

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Dave Stelfox, the Heatwave and John Eden (yep, the one from Woofah mag) round up what´s happened for Reggae and Dancehall in 2007. Even though there´s one month to go (and one month for Dancehall is a long time) in 07 and I don´t agree with every single one of the tunes in their hitlists, this article is definitely worth a read:

As we round up 2007, one certainty is times are changing for reggae and dancehall. Vinyl production in Jamaica is at a virtual standstill, the apparently unstoppable flow of riddim albums on international labels such as VP and Greensleeves has now come to an end, Jah Cure can no longer make records about being in jail, and some of the best roots music of the year has been made by white people. (more after the jump)

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  1. seen. Don´t inform. Be informed. said at 7:12 pm on November 30th, 2007:

    [...] There´s pretty exactly one month to go until all those Best-Of-2007-lists and -mixes will flood the airwaves a.k.a. the web. Alrite, the Pitchfork, Heatwave & John Eden from Woofah published their favourite tunes of the year already a few days ago. [...]

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