phree music and The Afflicted Yard present: Kingstonlogic 2.0

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Yes, I do pass along unfilitered press releases (when they come from friends) and yes, I think when the people behind Mavado´s latest clip where saying

“dancehall needs a punch, dancehall needs something”,

behind the scenes, they weren´t actually talking about their so so special video but about the one above.

Kingstonlogic 2.0 is the second video release from the album of the same title by Waterhouse, Kingston artist Terry Lynn, and the second video directed by the Rickards Bros. for the artist.

In creating the first experimental video for Kingstonlogic 1.0, producer ‘phred’ connected Lynn’s lyrics to a rapidly-changing series of Afflicted Yard photographs depicting various realities of life in modern Kingston. In version 2.0, the colourful frenzy of Kingston comes alive with the collaboration of Terry Lynn, phred and The Rickards Bros. returning on the beat opus of French producer Olivier Giacomotto.

The first video combining the talents of The Rickards Bros and Terry Lynn, “The System”, took aim at the corruption and violence which plagues the island, set against the backdrop of a rural slaughterhouse. It won accolades on many 2008 best video roundups, including Spin Magazine and

The Kingstonlogic2.0 video was screened for the first time to an audience in the streets of Waterhouse, Kingston where the entire video was shot, resulting in the unique event being covered in depth on national TV broadcaster TVJ.

Refusing to dole out the payola ransom money that Jamaican media and radio so often demands, 1000 copies of Terry Lynn’s debut album Kingstonlogic 2.0 were instead manufactured and distributed for free across the country, and throughout impoverished neighborhoods. Each copy was emblazoned with an anti-payola message; “my music is about the people, for the people, it’s about change. we will not pay media a ransom to play this for people, we are instead paying for phree copies for you”.

“It’s a strategy and movement that matches Terry’s message and sound: honesty and change. Same goes for the debut in the streets from which it came. The new video is a culmination of a great deal of time and effort from everyone involved, including the community, to create something that looks and sounds unique in an uncompromising way. ” -describes Russell ‘phred’ Hergert, Terry Lynn’s creative partner and head of phree music.

“To our creative team, Kingstonlogic 2.0 is much more than a music video- it is an unapologetic documentation of modern urban life in Jamaica as seen by the people who live here.” – say director and editor team Peter Dean & Peter John Rickards of The Afflicted Yard.

The single complete with fresh remixes is is available on phree music in the UK on March 23rd, 2009. The Kingstonlogic 2.0 album has it’s highly anticipated UK debut April 6 2009, is available in Continental EU on phree music, and in North America on Last Gang Records.

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