Peter Foxxx: “Alles neu”

posted on July 18th, 2008 by in Audio, Video

I´m on the jump to Melt! festival. That´s why I only copy Tim Turbo´s post about the new single and video to what could be the best German album released at least this year:

Two drummer in a three weeks lasting mega-session in a studio in France, because no drum sounds should be sampled, but a unique sound should arise.

Also syntheziser were a no-go. Orchestra was the word. They created new string melodies and riffs, but DJ Illvibe also digged deep in the crates for some hidden samples, strings and woodwind or brass groups, which a arranger used as template to write a score for the Babelsberg Film Orchestra.

That´s how Seeed mastermind Peter Fox made his upcoming solo debut. The single above will be released at 15.08.2008 and is called “Alles Neu” (meaning “All New”). Orchestral German Dancehall. Imagine they would use synthies.

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  1. ann said at 12:34 pm on July 18th, 2008:

    you definately need to go through several times of listening to get used to that kind of sound… i guess its my 7th round currently and… yes, i like it :) …curious for the rest of the album then!

    have fun at Melt!

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