Out Now: Big Up Magazine Volume 5

posted on October 18th, 2009 by in Article, Design

I´d like to big up the whole Big Up crew for dropping the fifth issue of their magazine these days – keep on dreaming BIG and going UP! Danny, please make sure to grab some exemplaries when touring the States in the upcoming days! Especially, as the cover artwork for this issue was done by Jared Nickerson aka J3Concepts.

Jared´s a great vector designer I´m happy to have met during my time at Spreadshirt/laFraise. Everybody make sure to check out his work in his portfolio and to have a look at BloodSweatVector – a platform and artist collective Jared co-founded back in 2008.

P.S. Of course, you don´t have to rely on friends visiting the US when you´re from Europe, Asia or another part of the world which might not have too many stores carrying Big Up: international readers, too, can subscribe to the mag via Big Up´s online store.

P.P.S. All my Berlin people can link up with Jared on the opening night of the Blood Sweat Vector exhibition (November 12th – December 12th) at West Berlin Gallery. Take the chance if you can.

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