Now in Stock: Shook Magazine #03

posted on September 27th, 2008 by in SEEN


We finally have the third edition of Shook Magazine #03 in our shelves. Coming in bright red, the Summer volume e. g. has the following stories:

- Mexico Olympics – The Action That Wasn´t Televised

- Summer of Love – Aciiieeed Comes To London

- El Cantante – The Hector Lavoe Story

- Junot Diaz – Dominican Tales of Geekdom

- Zoot Suit City – Kid Creole Goes Town

- No Sleep – Golen Era Boom Bap

- Young Disciples – Road To Freedom

- Old Rare New – Independent Record Stores

- …

Guess I don´t need to mention the incredible Heatwave column and the dope layout anymore… Get yours or die trying.

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