Non-seen. Reggae Shirts and a Hobnox Feature on Jaybo

posted on July 23rd, 2008 by in Fashion, Video


With trade shows like B&B and Bright happening in Europe, of course, some reggae related tees pop up on the scene, too. The ones above are three I recently stumbled upon and like quite a bit. From left to right (ignore the super-ugly sneakers): one of the “Bad Brains collection” shirts from Vans (via Artschoolvets),  PAM´s “Riddims” tee (via Haven) and Gabrielle Smith´s nice and simple “R is for Rice and Peas” piece.

In addition, I came across a Hobnox feature on Jaybo a.k.a. Monk, the art director of Irie Daily (a heavily punk and reggae-inspired, established German streetwear brand which is really cool despite its name) and the man behind Style & The Family Tunes magazine. Watch it. This guy´s a genius.

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