Must read collector´s item: “Woofah”-Magazine #1

posted on February 19th, 2008 by in Audio


Yesterday was finally the day, I got hold of Woofah´s debut issue. And it was most definitely worth the weeks of waiting.

To make it short: Content-wise, Woofah is the best mag I´ve read in years (basically, it gave me the same feel that the German underground HipHop-publication “Woohaa” gave me about 10 years ago), putting together information about almost all of the music that is the soundtrack to my everyday life.

I mean, I knew this zine is gonna be outstanding as I´ve been following the blogs of many of Woofah´s contributors for quite a while now. But it even tops my expectations. For sure, the staff could step up their game when it comes to the layout, but hey – better wicked articles and a simple standard look than the other way round, ee?

Look out for issue #2 which is supposed to hit the stores soon. Best thing: the seen.-boutique will be one of them as we keep on adding the baddest music mags out there to our stock.

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