Moving Mountains: House music goes Jamaica

posted on March 18th, 2010 by in Audio

This weekend, from March 19th to March 21st, Strawberry Hill will see »the sound of Europe« arriving to Jamaica with »Moving Mountains« festival taking place for the very first time:

The queen of house Sarah Main, resident DJ in Pacha, Ibiza brings the sound of David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous extravaganza and her organic and energetic productions. Worldwide recognized for her talent, Sarah Main will be collaborating with Jason Bye in this exotic party in the tropics. Jason, a resident DJ in Space Ibiza boasts a unique style and ability to read the crowd and pump any dance floor.

While we are no big fans of house music at all, we definitely welcome the initiative and especially like the fact that »Di Maggio – The Last Don« (see hilarious teaser #04 above) will be screened there on Saturday (which will be mainly Roots Rock Reggae and Dub) 10pm local time to entertain uptown Kingston.

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