Mixtape 2.0

posted on October 29th, 2007 by in Article, Design, Stuff


Despite the 7inch, the mixtape has probably been the most important medium to carry reggae and dancehall from Kingston to the world (before the times of Rapidshare and friends).
But digitalisation has basically killed both – vinyl as well as the music cassette. Nowadays, boring looking self-burned mix-cds with trashy cover-designs or no graphics at all flood the streets.
If you want your mix to stand out of that heartless mass, you might be interested in something that combines the personal touch of a mixtape with the non-deniable advantages of a digital storage kit and make a “Mixa” – a 1-GB-USB-stick that comes attached to a (almost) regular MC including case.
Best thing: you can design the labels and the sleeve yourself. Just like back in the days when you used to break hearts with your tapes on a regular basis.

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