“Mavado can sing the Yellow Pages and make it sound profound”

posted on March 5th, 2010 by in Article

As the weekend comes, I’d like to share three reggae-/Jamaica-related articles/blog posts which I enjoyed reading in the last couple of days:

Diplo writes about his latest visit to Kingston to play a show at Fiction, a visit during which he met Chow amongst others. Chow was the main engineer at legendary Tuff Gong studios back in the days of Bob Marley and now lives in the back of the studio. Read the whole article over at the Mad Decent blog.

Sci-Fi and Reggae
“A thinky-piece in it exploring the fraught relationship between Afrofuturist reggae musicians and the Rastas-in-Space projected by Hollywood films and sci-fi authors” taken from the latest issue of Woofah magazine. Read an appetizer over at Wayne&Wax.

Reggae’s Civil War
Baz Dreisinger about Gully versus Gaza and about why Kartel and Mavado might be the “Biggie and Tupac of Dancehall”. Read the whole story over at the Village Voice. (via Mixpak Records)

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