Major Lazer moves from music to Cartoon Network

posted on July 9th, 2010 by in Design, Jamaican Artists

Yesterday, The Jamaica Star unveiled details of the Major Lazer show which is about to hit Cartoon Network early next year.

According to Diplo,

the show is gonna be very weird, kinda out there and really funny. A crazy world of 80s vampires and zombies via Jamaica. The show is mainly in English and patois, the accent might be heavy so we might have to use sub-titles.

This comes as part of the concept is that Jamaican deejays voice the characters. E.g. Future Troubles a.k.a. Future Fambo lately auditioned for the role of the main character:

I was approached to do it, the Major Lazer character you know drinks hard, smoke hard, parties hard, he’s like an outlaw and the character fit Future Fambo,

he told The Star. Sounds like something to look forward to.

The Major Lazer Show will be the latest addition to the portfolio of »Adult Swim« – e.g. resonsible for shows like »American Dad« or »Family Guy«.