Looky Looky Tuesday: Audiophile, Ragilations & Art Marcovici

posted on March 24th, 2009 by in Article, Design, SEEN


I have to admit I kinda like that new Looky Looky motto for summing up design related stuff. And it´s perfect for today, as the following gems popped up on my screen:

Audiophile – a photo project of Moses Nornberg which utilizes speakers, turntables and cars to comment on mass production (at least that´s what the magazine I found the link in said).

Ragilations – a lovely collection of 65 reggae compilation covers. (via Uncarved)

How I Used Your Credit Card To Pay For This Book Online – very nice and subversive art project.

The book has been paid for and sent out to 100 people in late Januar 2009 in 3 european countries. Each book is personaly signed and numbered by me, I will not produce an more copies, so if ou wish to know the content you will need to find one of the 92 people that still have the book.