Jahmiga 01: Whiskey Bar

posted on August 11th, 2009 by in Audio


Without any doubt, Jahtari is one of the most innovative contemporary dub labels on the scene. This is their latest “digital laptop reggae” coup:

JAHMIGA 01: Whiskey Bar / Whiskey Dub (7″)

This 7″ on the mysterious imprint called..err…JAHMIGA is undoubtly about to
become outlawed due to over-heaviness pretty soon. With the sub bass setting
on deadly, the groove factor way above the red line and a vocal blaster geared
up to “Maximum Stun Level” this beauty shouldn’t miss in any DJs ammo crate.

If you feel you’re aurally not dazzled enough after this there’s always the B side. One
more punchy bass line enters the compound, while the riddim unfolds again with such
a straight, in-yer-face lazer blade shuffle that might eventually end up on the list of
highly addictive drugs.

Be quick to get hold of one of those beauties – limited copies only!

2 comments on “Jahmiga 01: Whiskey Bar”

  1. SiDo said at 9:26 am on August 12th, 2009:

    about something different…remembering u mentioned incase some time ago. do you know where i can get those cases in europe(other than the apple store)? blessings

  2. Disko T said at 10:11 am on August 12th, 2009:

    nope, sorry. i got my case directly from the apple store. but you might also consider ordering directly from http://www.goincase.com using services like http://myus2.myus.com or http://www.bonvu.com

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