International iTunes Reggae Top 10

posted on April 13th, 2008 by in Article


After Dancehall-Mobi published the Top 10 Reggae Album of the iTunes Store Canada yesterday, I felt like looking up the international hitlists.
Quite some Bob in there.

  • Didn’t know the Japanese massive loves swiss reggae-light-Jack-Johnson-wannabe Lee Everton that much.

  • me neither. pretty surprising

  • indeed.

  • Ann

    looking at the german, swiss and austrian top 10 is depressing…

  • well, it´s good to see that seeed, gentleman and patrice get the sales they deserve – it´s making me sad though that e.g. culcha candela have two releases in the german hitlist

  • good to see Martin Jondo receiving respect, too.

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