History of Crime in Jamaica (Part 1)

posted on October 10th, 2008 by in Audio


I originally planned to just post some more promo for Soundcloud – a really nice service to promote and share music – tonight, when I came across Juelz‘ collection of Jamaica Oberver articles about the history of crime in Jamaica. He originally posted these on a German forum for dancehall music, and generously allowed me to share them here:

Natty Morgan’s penchant for criminality emerges at age 7

Sandokhan cut down by cronies

Burry Boy and Feathermop: the violent duo that helped and shamed the PNP

Jim Brown honed his skills during the politically turbulent 1970s

‘General Starkey’ lived only one score and six years

Bulbie’s ruthless reign shielded by politicians

Bubba, politics and the barrel of the gun

‘Curly Locks’ went from church to a life a crime

To be continued.

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