Happy World Aids Day – tourists vs. HIV in Jamaica

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Tomorrow, like every year on December 1st, is World Aids Day. And while this blog is probably not really known for profound social commentary, I just have to share some numbers from a HIV survey published in The Gleaner yesterday.

The study titled “HIV/AIDS and the Tourism Industry Fact Finding Survey Report” was funded by the Department for International Development UK. A total of 600 participants were surveyed: 389 tourists and 211 hotel workers.

And here´s the numbers:

20% of tourists who participated in an HIV and AIDS survey indicated that they have had sex with acquaintances that they met while on their trip to Jamaica, with only 49% reported using condoms.

Within that group, 92% reported that they had between one and four sexual partners while on vacation here (Jamaica).

32% of the tourists, surveyed had sexual contacts with sex workers and 27 per cent with Jamaican nationals who did not fall in the category of sex workers.

14% of tourists believed that HIV could not be passed from one person to the other, while five per cent of hotel workers were of the same view.

The Ministry of Health estimates that 27,000 Jamaicans are living with HIV and AIDS and 18,000 are unaware of their status.

Happy World Aids Day.

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