Friday Newsflash: Badda Badda Girls, Klash City Records & Sandals Sauces

posted on February 6th, 2009 by in Article, Design


It´s Friday and I want to enjoy the night. So here´s just a quick run-down of some new and old news.

The Badda Badda Girls did BelizeMax Glazer took Nats, Tifa and Timberlee all the way to Belize where they mashed up the place (via Business Class NYC)

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, you see, our sound is the champion and yours is just a likkle drumpan.

Klash City Records presents a new generation of artists – Miss Banks and Don Bosco Delrey (via Rockers NYC)

This 17-year old Harlemite is about to wreck shop with her sexy alternative slang!!! Download her soon to be smash hit SEVENTEEN.HERE!!!

This kid is straight awesome. He mixes Dancehall and Rockabilly…. & … ye it sounds epic! Download his & 77Klash collabo tune ROUNDNROUND.HERE!!!

The Dieline featured Sandals Caribbean Sauces (via The Dieline)

With the packaging, the designers wanted to embody the true character of the Caribbean by conveying its rich diversity, food and personality.

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