Fergie´s Dancehall-Flyer Tee

posted on January 30th, 2008 by in Design, Fashion, Stuff


Well, another John Eden rip-off post – but I gotta break the silence on this blog somehow …

On his Uncarved-blog, Eden today curses fashionistas – spellt F.e.r.g.i.e. – for making Dancehall-flyer tees unwearable. The not so bad shirt you see on the pic above, comes from a NYC-based downtowngoesuptownbrand called Clarendon which kinda seems to like Jamaican graphics. However,

they have loads of stuff on their site about which celebrities have worn their gear. And it’s not entirely clear whether or not they actually pay the original designers of the images for their work. (Uncarved)

I doubt that they actually pay any of the original designers – but in whose nose do those 55 bucks per piece end up then?

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