Erin MacLeod: 2009 in reggae and dancehall – Part 2

posted on January 5th, 2010 by in Article

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Part 2 of Erin MacLeod´s rewind of the year 2009 in Reggae and Dancehall went online today:

2009 may have begun with worries about daggering at dances like Passa Passa, Dutty Fridaze and Bembe, the Jamaican Broadcasting Commission banning “daggering tunes” from the airwaves, but by the end of the year, the whole issue had been eclipsed. It was the Gaza/Gully feud between Vybz Kartel and Mavado’s camps that became international news, the story picked up by Associated Press and meriting acknowledgement by the Prime Minister of Jamaica. Though both parties claimed the clashing was all entertainment (underlined by the five-star general himself, Bounty Killer while on stage with Mavado at Stone Love’s 37th anniversary), by the morning of December 6, it all became moot as Gaza and Gully came together, smiling from ear to ear at the West Kingston Jamboree in Tivoli Gardens.

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