Edgy Fridays: SB Blazer by Grant Taylor, D. Rams Audio & Deep Space BBC ties

posted on March 21st, 2009 by in Design, Fashion


Surprise, surprise: this week´s Edgy Friday comes on a Saturday. Guess you won´t mind. On the list today: shoes, a sound system and accessories.

For all “white kids who want to look poor” (can´t get that quote from one of the FUBU guys out of my head), here´s the Nike SB Blazer (via CtotheJL) in colours that aren´t really colours. Brown and beige and some army-ish green. In order to make it look reggae, Grant Taylor decided to put a Rasta flag on the tongue.

For those who rate classic German product design and who got some extra money to burn in their pockets, I got the redux version of the “Dieter Rams Audio 1″ (cia Club45):

The ReBraun is an MP3 jukebox that’s upgraded with wireless capabilities. The model is based based on the Braun “Audio 1 Kompaktanlage” designed by Dieter Rams in 1962, which was a milestone in post-war German design. It features digital data, mixed multimedia and is programmed with the VVVV Multipurpose Toolkit. The vintage case is made from aluminium, acrylic, steel, and liquid crystal.

And for those who do not only want to act but look like adult children, too, BBC got the “Deep Space” ties in their range for spring/summer 2009.

That´s it for today – now gimme that friggin “Guns Don´t Kill, Lazers Do” shirt, Diplo :-) !

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