“Dubplate Drama”

posted on November 10th, 2007 by in Audio, Movie, Video


No, this one ain´t about European soundbwoys Western Unioning their money to Jamaica in the hope of getting decent specials for their crew and ending up with some splice or fake shit or no dubplate at all.
This is is about “Dubplate Drama” – “the world´s first interactive television drama”. It´s an UK TV-series on Grime which started off with cellphone-only episodes but was put on TV due to its fast growing popularity after season one. The twist is that people can actually choose how they want the story to go on after each episode by voting on the Dubplate Drama Myspace site.
You wanna watch? Now? Jump over to the Hearing Test´s Dubplate Drama page on which all episodes available online are listed.

P.S. If there´s any Jamaican filmmakers reading this: I´m pretty sure that something similar could work pretty good with Reggae and Dancehall characters, too.

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