Diplo vs. Black Flag, Wildlife vs. Terry Lynn & P.D. Rickards vs. Yardedge

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Computersyle´s rebirth post links to Diplo´s marriage of Cutty Ranks and Black Flag: “Dutty Six Pack”

Funny how close Dukowski is to just knocking out the Sleng Teng riddim.

Over at Mad Decent, in the meantime, Widlife´s re-interpretation of Terry Lynn´s “Knights Crusade” got posted:

As an exclusive, Wildlife!, who produced “The System” amungst other tracks for Terry sent us a Rerub he did putting Terry over Crystal Castles.

And while these MP3s are making their way to your hard drive, you can read through this interview a site called “YardEdge” did with Peter Dean Rickards.

YardEdge: What are you trying to achieve with First magazine?
Peter: Some people are going take this the wrong way but I’m going to say it anyway. First is the sort of thing that a Jamaican should be able to show his/her friends and family abroad as evidence that we are not a bunch of illiterates.

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  1. YardEdge said at 4:44 am on October 26th, 2008:

    Hey thanks for your support of Jamaican arts on the edge!

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