Shady Squad X Vybz Kartel: »Peanut Shell« short film.

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While it turned out yesterday that the judge in the Kartel trial is about to direct the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty of the murder of St. Catherine businessman Barrington »Bossy« Burton, the Werl’ Boss will remain in custody because he has another murder case pending against him.

Meanwhile, two time World Reggae Dance Championships winners Shady Squad released their entertaining take on the Kartel’s song »Peanut Shell« pon Youtube. Watch the short film above.

Baddest DJ ever!

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Major Lazer feat. Busy Signal »Watch Out For This«.

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Major Lazer’s second album »Free the Universe« hit the iTunes store today. So far, my favourite tunes besides the singles that had been released upfront, are »Jessica« featuring Ezra Koenig, »Keep Cool« featuring Shaggy, and »Playground« featuring Bugle.

However, the latest video for the album is for »Watch Out For This (Bumaye)« featuring Busy Signal. The Jay Will production pays tribute to the styles and aesthetics of the 90′s dancehall era:

The team even went so far to bring on Earl “Biggy” Turner, the noted designer behind some of the era’s most memorable fashions (for Shabba, etc.), as a consultant. (via LargeUp)

Watch the video above, pass by the Major Lazer pop-up shop at Miss Lily’s if you are in NYC, and check the Major Lazer website for upcoming tour dates.

Sting 2012: Ninjaman X Tommy Lee.

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Last week Ninjaman surprised everyone when he rolled up on Issiah Leing at the Supreme Promotions office in Kingston with DSR boss Josef Bogdanovich. Not to be outdone this week, Ninjaman did it again, but this time dancehall sensation Tommy Lee was there — and he got an earful.

– Via Downsound Records.

Schlachthofbronx: “Everyday Of The Week” video.

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Schlachthofbronx teamed with Inside The Haze for the video to their latest single release “Everyday Of The Week” which features DJ Assault. What more can I say?