Mom’s Jamaican Christmas Fruitcake Recipe

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Recently I stood in Half Way Tree in an eternally long ABM line. Observing the traffic both on the road and in the plaza (mall) and realized that Christmas was upon us. In light of that I figured I would share a few of my mother’s and other women I know with really great Christmas recipes. Fruitcakes are an integral part of the Jamaican Christmas experience. Even in houses where mommies didn’t bake or cook for that matter, they always had cakes and sorrel at home for when the inevitable visitors stopped by. I still have fond childhood memories of being the official mixer, to which I always got a stern warning every year.

“Nuh change the direction yu a mix in or yu a go spoil mi cake!”

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“Ich bin ein Beavis”

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German’s give Usain Bolt piece of the Berlin Wall with a drawing of what appears to be a rendering of a Black Beavis, from Beavis and Butthead. Seriously, that’s kind of funny.

I had to share this because I had quite a good laugh seeing this on the Afflicted Yard blog. Find the original story on the LA Times and The Gleaner.

P.S. The segment will be delivered to Bolt´s training camp in Jamaica by a special company. Maybe they can grab this for their way back …

Bring Them Back: The Bogle, The Robot, The Butterfly and more

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In my mailbox today:

Just when you thought you’d heard it all… “Bring It Back” takes funky back to the future. Bring it Back is set to sweep the nation as the retro-minded get ready to dust off legendary old skool dances from the 80’s & 90’s.

Having a headache with the migrane skank? A healthy dose of the bogle, the butterfly, the robot and the running man should sort you out. The cream of the crop, UK urban talent are stepping out in force to support this infectious and energetic funky anthem.

Of course, there´s a competition connected to this one as well:

There will be an official video shot on Sunday 5th July, and the Bring It Back team are offering you the chance to take part. All you have to do is submit a Youtube video of you or your mates performing the dances along to the chorus of the track which you can download here. Once you’ve uploaded your video send it to: Please make sure you include your name / contact number and also remember that you’ll need to be available all day on Sunday 5th July.

Now buss those moves.

Strange maps of the world versus Jamaica

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Strange Maps is a great blog having “thousands of interesting, enlightening, humorous or just plain weird maps” (Benetton Talk). Jamaica is featured in some, too. See e.g. the “Patients per Doctor” map above. More goodness here.

Edgy Fridays #04: a frame, a shirt, a brush, a compilation & The Real McCoy

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Almost all you need for a sunny Saturday evening slash Sunday afternoon  – a bottle of Real McCoy to ease up, a red, gold, and green checked shirt by Stussy to impress the ladies, a Ratatat tooth brush in case you find one that lets you crash at her place, a dub compilation that makes her stay in bed till noon, and a record frame to save that LP for future female fans (a good alternative to that dub compilation would be JaHdAn BLaKKaMooRe´s brand new 12″ “The General” out now on Juno and those kind of places).