The Resurgence of Boxing in Jamaica.

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Stanley Couch Gym (Kingston, Jamaica)

For their latest Sevens Clash feature, Sean Stewart and Alexander Richter visited Stanley Couch Gym in Kingston.

They caught up with Sakima Mullings and Devon »Concrete« Moncrieffe, two popular fighters, as well as their promoters, Willie Yap and Christopher Brown to talk about the current resurgence of boxing in JA.

It’s a great time for boxing in Jamaica right now. [...] Contender was not the be all end all, so we’re thankful that this Mayhem series started after that also to keep us busy, keep us getting fights, building our record, mastering our skills, so that when we do get on the big stage, the international stage, we’ll be ready and we’re going to bring those belts and titles back to Jamaica.

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GABE at Subliminal Projects.

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GABE - Art in the Dancehall – Subliminal Projects
Photo via Shimmy Shimmy

Art in the Dancehall – the exhibition curated by Al Fingers and Suze Webb celebrating illustration and design in Jamaican music, from 1979 to the present day – recently hit Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles.

That meant that also some work from SEEN’s GABE was displayed at Shepard Fairey’s gallery and it means that if you are interested in in buying some of his prints or work from other Art in the Dancehall artists like Daniel David Freeman, Denzil “Sassafras” Naar, Ellen G., Jamaal Pete, Peter Edward, Robin Clare, Tony McDermott or Wilfred Limonious, you should head over to the Subliminal Projects online store.

SEEN recommends: WILDLIFE! »Roxy Reboot«.

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WILDLIFE! - "Roxy Reboot"
Photography of Big Youth and Johnny Rotten by Dennis Morris

Ever since WILDLIFE! told us that he would be working on a release »clashing Jamaican artistes and british Punk rockers together« in an interview back in late 2010, I had been anxious for it to hit the streets.

One week ago, that time had finally come and »Roxy Reboot« was well worth the wait.

WILDLIFE! managed to track down Knox (The Vibrators), TV Smith (The Adverts), Charlie Harper (UK Subs), Duncan Reid & Honest John Plain (The Boys) – all legendary figures from the UK’s first punk rock movement to reinterpret their favourite reggae classics. Simultaneously, he collaborated with Ward 21, Natalie Storm, Serocee and Terry Lynn who reinterpret some influential punk classics.

The result is a 2013 version of what it sounded like when punk rock and reggae met in London 35 years ago and it’s as original, raw, and powerful as it gets. You can feel the passion only very personal projects carry in every single of the eight tunes on »Roxy Reboot« – my personal favourites being »Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall« and »Pissheadsville«.

Go get your hands on this modern classic now – if you’re quick you might even be one of the lucky 300 owners of the limited vinyl edition designed by Mettler Mettler & Mettler.

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Major Lazer X Johnny Osbourne: “Jah No Partial”.

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Diplo, Walshy Fire and Jillionaire talking about their upcoming single release “Jah No Partial” featuring Flux Pavilion and a Johnny Osbourne accapella.

Out on October 22nd.

Blow Your Head Vol. 1: Dancehall

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Blow Your Head Vol. 1 – Dancehall

Diplo and photographer Shane McCauley are launching the zine series “Blow Your Head”.

Each volume will explore a different country and musical genre. For [the first] volume, the duo traveled through Trenchtown, visiting Tuff Gong Studios, Gee Jam Studios and Sugarman Beach, documenting the most cutting-edge music and dance with candid photographs of the players and venues.

Each volume is an 8 x 10 inch, 96 page black and white softcover printed in a limited edition of 1,500 copies. It is available in stores October 1. Pre-orders can be placed through Picture Box.