Kingston Signals returns!

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According to Downsound Records’ new Twitter account, »Kingston Signals« returns.

Not as a weekly webcast program, but as a participant witness of Jamaican culture and music as it is today. (via Downsound Records)

Once again, label boss Josef Bogdanovich and photographer Peter Dean Rickards are joining forces.

The duo had pioneered webcasting a Jamaica-based web program live from the turntables of Jamaica’s most respected sound-systems to broadband back in 1999. The program hosted and profiled the greatest that Jamaican music had to offer. From the younger sounds like Coppershot spinning tracks for a pre-famous Sean Paul, to veterans like U-Roy and King Yellowman performing live on King Stur Gav.

Listen to the first ever Kingston Signals broadcast which happened at 80 Constant Spring Road in Kingston Jamaica on December 1999 below. It featured Exodus Nuclear as the lead sound with artists such as Spragga Benz and Delly Ranks making appearances.

Kingston Signals – The First Broadcast | Metro Media + Exodus Nuclear by KingstonSignals

Al Fingers: »Clarks in Jamaica.«

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Clarks in Jamaica

In October, Al Fingers will release a picture-heavy book on Clarks in Jamaica:

Through current and historic photographs, interviews, and previously unseen archival material, and with particular focus on the Jamaican musicians who have worn and sung about Clarks Originals shoes for years, this book explores how footwear made by a Quaker firm in the small, quiet, English village of Street, Somerset, came to be the »baddest« shoes in Jamaica.

All of the new images are by Mark Read.

Find some nice preview spreads over at Selectism (via Shimmy Shimmy).

Kingstonstyle presents: Hats of Rebel Salute 2012.

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© Kingstonstyle
© Kingstonstyle

The people over at Kingstonstyle went to Rebel Salute 2012 and got a nice set of photographs of patrons with extraordinarily nice hats. Get more of the goodness on their website.

Peter Dean Rickards: »Radigan’s Free«.

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© Peter Dean Rickards

© Peter Dean Rickards

See the whole set here.

Sting 2011 Style Check: Bounty Killer.

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Bounty Killer at Sting 2012 (© Kingstonstyle)
© Kingstonstyle

Boxing Day is Sting Day in Jamaica. And at Sting, almost as important as lyrical fitness are outstanding outfits. At this year’s Sting, Bounty Killer once again proved he got both. Watch his performance pon Youtube and check the Warlord’s war-drobe above.

For a detailed rundown of Sting 2012, head over to the good people at Shimmy Shimmy.