Christmas Gifts for People Who Love Jamaica #5: Sting 30 Live Stream Watch Pass.

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Sting 30 Live Stream Pass

Sting aka “The Greatest One Day Reggae & Dancehall Show on Earth” turns 30 this year. Staged by Downsound Records and Supreme Promotions, the event e.g. has Super Cat, Ninja Man, Mavado, Tommy Lee Sparta and 2 Chainz on the bill.

Beginning at 8pm EST on December 26, 2013, Sting 30 will be live-streamed for fans around the world.

Sting watch passes are our Christmas gift tipp #5. Pre-order now.

Universal reissues fine reggae albums on vinyl.

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On upcoming Monday, June 22, Universal will release a pile of fine reggae vinyl reissues.

Amongst others, Junior Murvin’s »Police and Thieves«, The Heptones’ »Party Time«, Max Romeo’s »War Inna Bablyon« and The Upsetters’ »Super Ape« albums will be made available to record lovers again. Find the full list and place your orders on Amazon.

Also, Universal announced the launch of The Vinyl Project – a crowdfunding site which they are going to use to work out which other »rare and deleted« albums it ought to reissue on vinyl. (via Fact)

SEEN recommends: WILDLIFE! »Roxy Reboot«.

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WILDLIFE! - "Roxy Reboot"
Photography of Big Youth and Johnny Rotten by Dennis Morris

Ever since WILDLIFE! told us that he would be working on a release »clashing Jamaican artistes and british Punk rockers together« in an interview back in late 2010, I had been anxious for it to hit the streets.

One week ago, that time had finally come and »Roxy Reboot« was well worth the wait.

WILDLIFE! managed to track down Knox (The Vibrators), TV Smith (The Adverts), Charlie Harper (UK Subs), Duncan Reid & Honest John Plain (The Boys) – all legendary figures from the UK’s first punk rock movement to reinterpret their favourite reggae classics. Simultaneously, he collaborated with Ward 21, Natalie Storm, Serocee and Terry Lynn who reinterpret some influential punk classics.

The result is a 2013 version of what it sounded like when punk rock and reggae met in London 35 years ago and it’s as original, raw, and powerful as it gets. You can feel the passion only very personal projects carry in every single of the eight tunes on »Roxy Reboot« – my personal favourites being »Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall« and »Pissheadsville«.

Go get your hands on this modern classic now – if you’re quick you might even be one of the lucky 300 owners of the limited vinyl edition designed by Mettler Mettler & Mettler.

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SEEN recommends: Everybody loves Reggae.

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Via some link on Facebook I came across a site called »Everybody loves Reggae« and it’s great. It features Reggae versions of artists from all kinds of musical backgrounds – from Annie Lenox to Jonny Cash, from PJ Harvey to Nina Hagen, from Primal Scream to Bob Dylan.

Today, they posted Dizzee Rascal playing »Can’t Tek No More« with Brinsley Forde on »Later with Jools Holland« on September 25, 2009.

Watch the video above and make sure to follow »Everybody loves Reggae« on Tumblr.

Federation Sound presents: »Remix Me«.

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© Peter Dean Rickards
© Peter Dean Rickards

While we are currently running a little Singin Gold & Symbiz Sound remix contest together with Tropical Bass and Urban Tree music, our friend Max Glazer and his Federation fam need a remix of Flippa Mafia’s »Mus Fly Again« from their Flatlands riddim:

There’s really only one rule to this – NO SAMPLES! Ok, maybe two rules. You should also change the tempo. We don’t want a 100 bpm dancehall mix. We’ve already got that, it’s called the original. Other than that, get as crazy as possible. Don’t feel like you need to use the full vocals. You can chop, screw, speed up, slow down, reverse, etc. It can be electro, house, techno, pop, moombahton, dubstep, polka… whatever. We’re going to pick the best remix and release it. Please do not post your remixes online until we’ve picked the winner, which will be available exclsuively on an upcoming digital release. You won’t get paid but if you feel like it’s a good look, let’s do this! Please send all remix submissions to with REMIX ME in the subject.

Download Mus Fly Again accapella and help them out!