Black and White

posted on November 11th, 2007 by in Audio, Video

While one of Kingston´s finest upcoming spitters, Einstein, seemed to finally buzz after having released “Rise Di Machine” on Stephen McGregors´ (btw: listen to Federation Invasion #30 which is a 90-minute-tribute to “Di Genius” – BOOM!) “Powercut Riddim” in late 2006 and was even offered an album-deal from Vice Records (which he didn´t wanna sign though), it got kinda quiet around him lately. Deejays like Munga stepped into the videolight making Einstein just another Jamaican talent who never really made it despite great talent.
But Stein now teamed up with Demarco to take another try. Watch the video to his tune “Black Rain” which is pretty black and pretty bad. Word on Town´s streets also has it that Einstein will be touring Germany in early 2008 – we´ll keep you informed.

And in order to make this post fit it´s heading: see Sean Paul´s new clip to “Watch Dem Roll” which is kind of the high-end and inverted version of “Black Rain”.

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