Big Dada says: new Roots Manuva LP to be released in summer

posted on March 7th, 2008 by in Article


Good news from London town: Big Dada, the label that used to be one of my favourites for a while but then somehow managed to sign a bag of crap while screwing up things for wicked acts like Lotek HiFi, just announced that Roots Manuva´s new full-length album will hit the markets in late summer:

The title isn’t finalised as yet, but what is certain is that Rodney’s reached new heights with the music. Light and dark, vulnerable and wise by turns, the album draws together cruffy anthems, club-shuddering basslines, slime and reason and introspective insight in trademark fashion. Like all Roots Manuva full lengths, it’s an album in the truest sense of the word; a coherent body of work that provides a window – fuck it, a door – into the world of Rodney Smith.

Looking forward to step through that door – even though the last album “Awfully Deep” suggested that it might be kind of dark in there.

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