Behind the seen.: New podcast starting this week.

posted on February 7th, 2010 by in Audio

We’re very happy to announce that starting this week Thursday, we’re going to kick off a new weekly seen. podcast series.

For this podcast, we joined forces with legendary Silly Walks Discotheque from Hamburg (Germany), “Finland’s Finest”, Komposti Sound from Helsinki, Boss Hifi from Zurich, Signal From Mountain from Flims (CH) & Our Sound, also from Switzerland, as well as King Kong Disko & Selekta Mathias (Lionhearts Crew) from Hamburg again. These are the people behind one of our favourite DJ shows on German radio – “Tropical Heat” on Byte FM.

Tropical Heat means “two hours of Afro-Caribbean music in the mix, from 50′s Calypso to the latest daggering tunes – with a main focus on Reggae and related genres.”

You can listen to Tropical Heat on each and every Wednesday from 0-2 am.

From Thursday on, we will offer the full shows as handy seen. podcasts in addition, to make these great mixes available on demand on a regular basis.

PS: In the meantime, check the Tropical Heat archive and get adjusted to rising temperatures.

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  1. marflixone said at 10:23 am on February 8th, 2010:

    Gute Sache, Glückwunsch

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