Beenie vs. CNN, Clash vs. Guardian, Wayne&Wax vs. DHR & Afflicted vs. The NYT

posted on October 3rd, 2008 by in Article, Audio, Fashion, Photography


Wow. Dancehall is prime time international TV news. Well, almost. CNN International reported about him being cleared on Jamaica tax charges.

A little more in debth is The Guardian´s story on The Clash

scraping the punk barrel in the bid to find new material

and thereby insuring their pension plan.

From plans to pants: Wayne & Wax post about dancehall dancers´ gayish routines and outfits made it on and caused a very vibrant discussion. Head over to Wayne´s blog for the outtakes.

Head over to Facebook to see some nice photographs which I totally slept on: “Ever wondered where Jamaica´s Gold Come From?” – some shots of Jamaican training facilities Peter Dean Rickard´s took for the New York Times´ coverage of the Olympic tournament in Bejing. Also see Pete´s “A Beautiful Nerd” series in Futureclaw magazine.

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