BBC Sound Index: Reggae

posted on April 21st, 2008 by in Article, Audio, Design


After bringing you the international iTunes Reggae top 10 albums a few days ago, I´d like to present you some more stats. This time from the BBC´s brand new “Sound Index“. The Sound Index is something like the Billboard charts 2.0 – a

massive index of the hottest bands and tracks that are being talked about on the internet right now.

It works like this:

Every six hours the Sound Index crawls some of the biggest music sites on the internet – Bebo, MySpace, Last.FM, iTunes, Google and YouTube – to find out what people are writing about, listening to, watching, downloading and logging on to. It then counts and analyses this data to make an instant list of the most popular 1000 artists and tracks on the web. The more blog mentions, comments, plays, downloads and profile views an artist or track has, the higher up the Sound Index they are. So, the Sound Index is a music buzz index controlled entirely by the public. (BBC)

I checked what this index looks like for Reggae (artists and tracks) in the US and the UK for a male/female demographic in the age of 5 to 35. See the results:





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