American rappers trying to chat patois – today: 50 Cent

posted on January 13th, 2009 by in Audio, Video

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50 Cent is making his way back on the rap map using a Premo beat and a Jamaican accent. And even though I think “Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth” is alright, I always ask myself if they´re too broke to afford a Junior Reid feature whenever American rappers try to sound like deejays from Yard.

Want some more bad examples? Check Missy, Foxy and Busta after the jump…

Missy Elliot “Bad Man”

Foxy Brown “We On Fire”

Busta Rhymes “Clear The Air”

  • Indeed! Foxy Brown’s verses on the remix of So Special are so EMBARASSING. Busta’s definitely better than most of them, I quite the way he drops Jamaican references into his lyrics.

  • true. busta´s alright in his patois delivery. the ladies fail still.

  • FearBoutNuttin

    Foxy Brown is from Trinidad.. her husband is Spragga Benz is Jamaican.. Her patios ain’t that bad..

    check out her remix to Mavado’s “so special” and Serani’s “no games” ; ..

  • my opionion: being from tnt, she should maybe do soca and stick to her original accent. this doesn´t mean i don´t rate her – she got big tunes, no doubt – but i really dunno bout her patois..

  • You forgot maybe the worst offender! Jay-Z mucked up some patois in his remix of Mavado’s On the Rock, and then did an even worse job in the new “Brooklyn go Hard” song for Notorious. Yeek.

  • Haha, true. Totally forgot to include Jigga in this list.

  • Drev

    Busta Rhymes has some Jamaican connection also … don’t know exactly how … he was featured on Buju Banton album in the 90′s.

  • Drev

    did not know foxy brown married spragga

  • James

    Busta’s parents are jamaican and he’s been down there a few times I think people forget, alot if not most Brooklyn rappers are of at least partial jamaican decent.
    Being here in america now and meeting “jamericans” I know they appear to often feel as though they were robbed of a large part of their heritage.
    I think it’s nice to see even if they don’t really speak very well.