Afflicted Christmas: Candice

posted on December 24th, 2009 by in Photography, SEEN

© The Afflicted Yard

Just in time for the Christmas, Peter Dean Rickards brings back the girls to the Afflicted Yard.

The beautiful set of model Candice looking good on Lime Cay takes my thoughts back to December 2006, when Gabe and me had just finished our semesters at U.W.I. / Edna Manley and had our best friends visiting for the holiday season.

Together with Peter, Eve and doberman Wally, we went to Lime Cay on December 24th to enjoy a Caribbean Christmas with quite a few cups of coke and rum and Heineken in the afternoon before we headed on to the hills to celebrate at some all-inclusive Red Stripe X-Mas session with Renaissance Sound. What a day!

Ever since then, we have promised ourselves and our Jamaican friends that we´ll be back for another Christmas time in JA. We didn´t make it once again this year but we will be back at some point of time. Most definitely.

Peter, Eve, Ross, Biggz, Dylan, Edgar, Natalie, Terry, and all our peops from Chancellor Hall and Edna Manley College – enjoy your Christmas season like we did back then!

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