Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have anything to do with Seen, the New York City-based graffiti and tattoo artist?

No, we don’t. We highly respect Richard Mirando aka Seen, however, and it’s not our intention to bite from his name and fame. It just happened that we liked the Jamaican expression “seen” a lot since our very first visit to the island back in 2003 and thought that it would make a cool brand name.

How come some whities are running a reggae-inspired clothing line?

We fell in love with Jamaican music and Jamaican culture quite a long time ago and decided to live in Kingston for a while after having visited JA a couple of times for vacations before. During the time we lived there, we were just constantly blown away by the energy and the creativity people put into music and everything that comes with it – dancing, clothing, etc. – and felt that there’s no brand that visually reflects that vibe in Europe. That’s why we decided to start such a brand on our own back in 2004.

Do you have dreadlocks?

No, we don’t. And we don’t have corn rows either. Nuff female hustlers in JA that wanted to make some quick dollars braiding our hair cursed us for constantly refusing. After a quick chat, however, they, too, agreed that they can hardly think of any white man looking good with locks or corn rows. No disrespecting the real Rasta them though – 1!

Can you design a T-shirt for me / my crew / my sound system / my anything?

You can definitely link our designer Gabe and contract him for doing a T-shirt design for you. We won’t release any merchandise under the name of seen. though.