A seen. exclusive: Terry Lynn vs. Radio 200K “Verdient”

posted on June 5th, 2009 by in Audio

© Peter Dean Rickards

Swiss precision meets Jamaican energy. No, not the god, the goddess. Radio 200 000 (Zurich) teamed up with Terry Lynn (Waterhouse, Kingston) to record a CH-une for their new album “Stueckwerk” available in stores now. An exclusive download this.

The cash cow has become a crash cow
You acting suicidal cuz you got no cash now
You seeking some revival let me tell you fat sow
This game is called survival so you better learn how
I see you losing control when the truth is unfold
That you were not so clever
Because all the money that you stole
Bring a bother to your soul
Cuz it was not FOREVER

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Download R200K feat. Terry Lynn “Verdient”

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