»We need to know what happened.«

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© Peter Dean Rickards
© Peter Dean Rickards

In part two of his interview with US-journalist Matthathias Schwartz about the »Tivoli Incursion«, Bigblackbarry talks with him about difficulties getting information from the US government about the operation, the involvement of the US in the operation, as well as the next steps he would like to see happen.

We need to know what happened. All evidence must be released. This includes videos, ballistics, autopsies, and records kept by the U.S. government, the Jamaican government, and the security forces. If it appears that the law was broken during the attack on Tivoli Gardens, and, based on the evidence in my story, I am convinced that it was, the guilty must be brought to justice.

Bigblackbarry also asks everyone to pressure the Jamaican government to seek answers related to any of the questionable killings which took place and included the phone number for the Office of the Public Defender in Jamaica, Earl Witter, and international contacts in his blog post.

Find all information and read the interview here.

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