»We dont really like Dirty Dancing. The movie.«

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Schlachthofbronx interview

With about 70 shows played in 2011 and releases on Mad Decent, Mixpak, and Man Recordings amongst others, last year definitely was a good year for Schlachthofbronx. On March 30 now, they will drop their second LP on Disko B. Time for a little chat with Bavarian bassmusic bazis Jakob and Bene.

Please tell me: Out of the many – what were your favourite gigs in 2011?

Much too many to mention, but just to name a few: The whole Mexico tour, the warmup show at Notting Hill Carnival in London, the one at Montreal Karnival, and the one at Distortion Festival in Copenhagen were huge.

Did travelling so much in 2011 influence your sophomore album »Dirty Dancing«?

We get influenced a lot by the other producers/singers/musicians we meet. We love to discover new music and new influences. Having a tight travel schedule doesn’t always help though but we try our best to meet with ppl everywhere we go…

What do you especially like about the cities of Apizaco and Copenhagen – two cities after which you named tracks on the new LP?

It’s just cities we had a really good time in, so we went with these city’s names for the tracks. It’s also the cities in which we played these tracks first, so it fits quite well actually.

With Natalie Storm, Gnucci Banana and Warrior Queen on the album, you seem to have a weakness for female artists with slack lyrics, don’t you?

We like x-rated lyrics but when we picked the tracks for the album it was more a coincidence that some of it happend to be like that. We just selected the tracks we liked most and that had the best impact on the dancefloor when we played them in the club. Gnucci’s feature on the album isnt really slack though.

The feature on the album that I am looking forward to the most, is »Every Day Of The Week« with DJ Assault. Tell me a little about how that collaboration came about, please.

As you can probably tell, we’re huge fans of his music, so we just reached out and asked if he would be down to collaborate on a track. To be honest, we were a lil suprised ourselves that he just answered right away and was on board, because most of the times you have to speak to managers a lot before getting through to the artists. The Internet makes working with ppl abroad a lot easier nowadays.

For all Munich people: Will there be a release party for the album and – if that is the case – when will it take place where and which special guests can be expected?

There will be a release party in Munich at Rote Sonne, on March 16, and some other dates will follow soon also. But we won’t announce the special guests as that would take away the suprise…

Any other things you want to add?

We dont really like dirty dancing.
The movie.


Watch out for »Dirty Dancing« and make sure to grab the first double single of the upcoming album »Slowine / Dickie Riddim« which features Warrior Queen and will be available from February 10.

Schlachthofbronx – Slowine / Dickie Riddim ft Warrior Queen by schlachthofbronx

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