»Mi Cyaan Believe It!« – DJ Koze tributes Mikey Smith.

posted on January 5th, 2011 by in Article, Video

The latest release of German DJ and producer legend DJ Koze aka Adolf Noise features samples from recordings of Michael »Mikey« Smith’s poem »Mi Cyaan Believe It« (check the original on Youtube).

Along with Linton Kwesi Johnson, and Mutabaruka, Smith is one of the most well-known Jamaican dub poets. He was killed in a political incident in Kingston on August 17th, 1983 (via Discogs) or – as Wikipedia puts it –

Smith was allegedly murdered by political opponents associated with the right-wing Jamaica Labour Party after heckling the Jamaican Minister of Culture at a political rally on August 17, 1983.

The track was released on Koze’s own label, Pampa Records. Watch the video above (via Discobelle).

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