»Cobra shot; Oneil still critical«

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Of course, we as the audience are part of the entertainment industry, too. And, of course, we often act like the »producer« in the left image above. We’re hypocrits and Sherman holds up the mirror to make us face it:

After the apparent attempted assassination of Oneil Edwards from the group Voicemail the other day, the emotional bandwagonists were out in full force on Facebook, Twitter and the other social media. There were people gathering in Half-Way-Tree and outside Kingston Public Hospital.

I am truly sorry for Oneil, I do not know him personally but my anger is the same for any innocent hard working person who is gunned down by these animals. I however will not be a part of the hypocrisy that the music and media fraternity is promoting.

Where was their anger and sympathy when two children were brutally murdered last week? Where was the mourning and condemnation for the assassination for Dennis Hamilton, soon after he participated in exposing alleged fraud at the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica? This man died for an honourable cause and all he got was three sentences written about him in one of the major newspapers, yet we give coverage to any dribble these entertainers utter?

We are a hypocritical set of people and I am waiting for Beenie Man and company’s self-satisfying musical tributes to come out. The usual suspects, including the Minister of Culture will do the media walk and talk; The church will jump in with calls for various peace marches, the talk shows will have the usual rhetoric and the calls for the death penalty, then finally the ultimate cry of “Bring Back Adams!”.

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