»A 21st century Island Records«.

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SEEN on Dylan Powe

In a nice little interview, Dylan Powe talks to Mixpak about the upcoming release of »Global Gangsta« feat. Stein, Wiley & Joel Ortiz, his vision to build his label Prodigal Entertainment into a global brand, and the influence of Chris Blackwell on his work:

With how the world is now, one is foolish not to work with the best people you can, who understand your vision. I model Chris Blackwell. I think to myself, what would Blackwell do? Most times I can’t afford to do it, but I want to try and have his vision for Jamaican culture and music. [...]

[I want to build] a global Jamaican brand, along the lines of a 21st century Island Records. A whole aesthetic that starts with music, but ends up anywhere.

Read the whole interview over at Mixpak and get in touch with Dylan in case you would like to get on board with Prodigal Entertainment as an intern: prodigalent@gmail.com.

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